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The Association for Jet Modelling in New Zealand

The jet modelling discipline is one of the most advanced area's of aeromodelling today. Over the past few years the expansion and development in propulsion systems has allowed modellers to now build larger aircraft and have them perform in similar fashion to their full size counterparts with comparative power to weight ratio's. The engines are becoming more refined for reliability and with the use of modern electronic technology, they are also becoming  more simple and safer to operate. The vast majority of aircraft at the Jet International event will be powered by these Gas Turbine Engines including a few magnificent turbine powered helicopters.

The traditional high performance two stroke engine/ ducted fan combination is now becoming older technology in comparison and they are less popular, but are still great performers. However, on the other end of the scale, the electric ducted fan models are providing quite outstanding performance due to advanced motor and battery technology.

The Jet International event is not promoted as a public display, but rather as a Jet Meeting for interested jet pilots to fly together and participate in some basic competition. It is also the perfect opportunity for anybody to come along,  who may want to either become involved in this discipline or just be entertained by the 'Wow' factor. With this in mind, public facilities are limited and we suggest you bring along some form of seating and shade protection as you are bound to be here for quite some time!


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