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NZ Jet Meet

The Association for Jet Modelling in New Zealand


Business Links:

Hobby City
International Aircraft Company (Intairco)

Jet Clubs and Associations:

Model Flying New Zealand
Jet Aerosport Association Australia (JAAA)
Victorian Jet Aerosport Association (VJAA)
West Australian RC Jet Associaton
Adelaide Model Aerosport
International Jet Model Committee (IJMC)
Gas Turbine Builders Association

Software Downloads:

Cone Program
A very handy program for making templates to produce a cone such as for tailpipes.
This program allows you to print templates to any size and design.

Spreadsheet to calculate linkage and required servo size


Rules for Model Aircraft Ops at Tokoroa
(This is a must read document for anybody intending to fly model aircraft at Tokoroa Airport)
Turbine Code of Practice
Turbine Helicopter Wings Test Program

Some of these documents will require Adobe reader to open them. You can get Adobe reader from here.


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