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The Association for Jet Modelling in New Zealand

This is the ideal first jet, as it flies & handles like a trainer (just a lot faster!)

Boomerang Nano 60”span, 67”long - had only 11 flights.

Wren 44 Gold (Gas/propane start) has had 23 runs (258mins) with 2S 1500mah Lipo for ECU

Comes with trailing link retracts and brakes, Hitec servos , 2x A123 Hyperion receiver batteries, 2XHD switches, Jettronics dual retract valve, Jettronics brake valve, SMC air gauges etc, header tank. 

$3500 RTF (just add your brand of receiver)

The Wren44  engine costs over 1300 (excl VAT), and with our awful Exchange rate at the moment, it would cost more than $3000 to replace just the engine and thats if you got away with no GST!

Contact: Steve Engle (Auckland) Ph 027 289-5510

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